Building Up Therapeutic Programs and Rehabs

The Envoy Group provides The Refer & Share Network Рmarketing collaboration, validation platforms, feedback forums,  and business development assistance for 

Adolescent Treatment Programs
Behavioral Health  Programs
Substance Abuse Rehabs
Private Schools
Short-term Programs
Wilderness Programs

There is a never-ending stream of those who need help with a troubled teenager, colleague or family member — and finding ¬†the right program is important. ¬†Our marketing expertise, exclusive tools, and powerful Refer & Share Network can make a significant difference in enrollments and the way your program manages leads, within in a short period of time.

Learn…We offer training and free workshops to teach marketing, operations, and search engine strategies. We relay what is working for our clients in generating web interest.¬†
Share…Our referral network is a collaboration platform for easily sharing inquiries that are not a good fit for your program (usually 90% or more aren’t) with other partner programs, and earn while doing so.
Receive…Be on the receiving end of referrals. We custom target leads based on what parents are already searching for, thereby saving staff time and marketing dollars.
Manage…Use our custom Admissions Manager System‚ĄĘ tool that is provided FREE to manage inquiries, assign them to callers anywhere in the country, produce automated follow-up emails, schedule contact reminders, and manage lead contacts in a better way than ever before.
Build…Utilize our tools and knowledge to broaden your business development and build up your program.¬†


“I wanted to share how grateful our ownership team at Stonegate Center is for all of Envoy’s work. I can honestly say that we would not still have our doors open if it were not your staff at The Envoy Group. You have helped us refine our website into a tool that families all over the United States can truly inform and educate themselves on regarding the nature of our program. When we came to you, our presence on Google was pathetic and now our inquiries have shot through the roof. We look forward to partnering with you and The Envoy Group for many years to come.” –Robert Shyroc, Director of Development, Stonegate Rehab Center, Ft. Worth, Texas

“We received our first share-payment!¬† This was a family that we were not able to place anyway. The family asked us to give their information to the staff at Envoy. ¬†They were able to make a more suitable suggestion and we were able to recover some of the dollars that we have spent on advertising to get this traffic. Most importantly, the family found the help they need for their son. What a great system Envoy has created to utilize resources and help more families. Thank you ENVOY.”– Scott Smith, Director of Admissions, Agape Boarding School, Missouri

“The sites look amazing and we so appreciate the great work your team is doing to assist the parents in finding us. You are a gift to Teen Challenge. Thanks so much for the ministry you have in the kingdom of God in the technology driven world. You guys are truly a blessing to organizations like Teen Challenge. May God give you the wisdom and favor needed to keep up with all the challenges of your work.” – Jerry Nance PhD, President, Teen Challenge of Florida Inc.

“Your work and our resulting calls are astounding. Thank you Envoy!”
– David Bosley, Master’s Ranch Christian Academy



Should you need help finding boys ranches, or Christian boarding schools, or military schools for teens, let us know because we can help.