The Envoy Group, Therapeutic Boarding School Placement Specialists

Information for Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Residential Treatment Centers, and Wilderness Therapy Programs

The Envoy Group facilitates The Refer & Share Network, a network of over 80 programs working together to help parents find the potential best-fitting therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, or wilderness therapy programs for their struggling teens. Our goal is to make both the Christian and secular adolescent behavioral treatment industry better, more professional, and well connected. We specialize in connecting families to therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, and wilderness therapy programs that are competent, compassionate, ethical, and potentially best fit their needs and budget. We are also experts in the fields of admissions, program operations, and IT. We’re continuously building online validation platforms, feedback forums, and offer business development assistance for:

  • Adolescent Treatment Programs
  • Mental & Behavioral Health Programs
  • Biblical Discipleship & Emotional Growth Programs
  • Substance Abuse Rehabs
  • Private Schools
  • Short-term Intensive Programs
  • Wilderness Therapy Programs

Today there is an absolutely astounding level of need in the United States among families with struggling teenagers, colleagues or family members — and finding the potential right program, the first time, is important. Our industry expertise, exclusive tools, and powerful Refer & Share Network can potentially make a significant difference in enrollments and the way your program manages leads within a short period of time.

What The Envoy Group Has to Offer

Learn… We offer training and free workshops in which programs collaborate and learn from other schools about admissions, operations, and best practices. We relay what is working for our clients in creating high-quality programs that are excellent in helping teenagers with their struggles.

Share… Our referral network is a collaboration platform for easily referring inquiries that are not a good fit for your program (usually 90% or more aren’t) with other network programs, and offset marketing costs while doing so.

Receive… Be on the receiving end of referrals. We custom target leads based on what parents are already searching for, thereby saving staff time and marketing dollars.

Manage… Use our custom Admissions Manager System tool that is provided FREE to manage inquiries, assign them to callers anywhere in the country, produce automated follow-up emails, schedule contact reminders, and manage lead contacts in a better way than ever before.

Build… Utilize our tools and knowledge to broaden your business development and build up your program.

Our Standards of Excellence for Therapeutic and Emotional Growth Programs

We take our job and our process very seriously. Our research and background checks of therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, and wilderness therapy programs can at times be extensive. We expect the programs we work with to operate competently, compassionately, ethically, lawfully, and with professionalism – preferably under state licensing. State licensing is not required if an official exemption has been approved by the state, however, any program we work with must be under strong and effective oversight by an accrediting body or state-recognized oversight board. If your program is operating in ways that we consider to be incompetent, uncompassionate, unethical, unprofessional, or outside of the laws of the state in which your program is operating, we will not work with your program, plain and simple.

We consider program and leadership accountability to be one of the highest priorities in our work. We are only willing to work with excellent programs that effectively do the job they were created to do. The two most important requirements for our clients are and will always be periodic site visits from our staff and continual communication with us regarding the status of your program.

Testimonials & Comments from Families We have Served

  • "[My son] is making GREAT strides in learning how to work, be responsible, be respectful, and have a desire to do the right thing… I wanted to tell you what a positive experience our family has had."

  • "Let me just take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being willing to help... Anyone that understands at all is just such a blessing. Thank you."

  • "The spirit behind the work they do is so right on. I appreciate your services!"

  • "Thanks again for your immediate out reach. I loved the information you provided in the email and have had several organizations reach out to me."

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