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If You Don’t Know of a Program to Suggest for a Struggling Teen, Let The Envoy Group Help The Family in Your Care Find an Appropriate Therapeutic Boarding School

If you are a therapist, pastor, or working professional who has knowledge of a family in need of residential or therapeutic boarding school care for their struggling teen, we can help the family you are working with find the potential right solution for their teen’s needs. We regularly work with professionals who have little to no knowledge of the therapeutic boarding school industry or don’t know who to turn to for help with the teen in their care.

We Have Connections With Therapeutic Boarding School Programs That Utilize Master’s Level Therapists

When a struggling teen needs to be taken out of his or her current context and placed in a safe residential or therapeutic boarding school environment, it’s often important for the school they attend to have a Master’s level certified licensed counselor on staff or visiting the campus on at least a weekly basis. We work with programs that have the resources and the level of care necessary for students who need a higher level of therapy and counseling. Often times parents will send their children to a residential boarding school expecting that the structure and positive environment will be enough. However, students diagnosed with major behavioral and mental health disorders need a higher level of care, and often times non-therapeutic residential boarding schools will not enroll students who are above their ability to care for them.

We Believe Exploring Faith Should Be a Priority in the Lives of Struggling Teens

Parents will often want to make sure that the programs that they send their children to will not discourage their teens from exploring and expanding the faith that they have grown up in. While we have connections and strong professional relationships with many Christian therapeutic boarding schools, most will not accept teens who are acting out sexually or struggling with sexual identity.

This leaves us in a conundrum at times as we recognize families in these situations still need help. We have made a marked effort in finding programs that will accept these teens into their program but will not under any circumstances antagonize or discourage students from exploring the faith their families maintain. The programs we suggest allow students to go to the local youth group and allow faith to be an integral part of their therapy, and they also match students up with therapists who are of the same faith. If at any point we discover that this is not the case in a program we regularly suggest, we will immediately notify the program director that their program will no longer be suggested by our therapeutic placement staff until the problem is fully resolved to our satisfaction.

Is The Teen in Your Care Going to Court? Give the Judge an Alternative to Jail Time

Judges love having alternatives to jail for teens who need to get back on track. However, often times the plan needs to be in place and offered to the judge as an alternative to jail time before a verdict is rendered. If you have a struggling teen who potentially will be spending time in jail, what a better opportunity for their future than for a judge to tell them "Go to this program and stay there for a year, or go to jail." We’ve heard many stories and helped many families in this situation. We can help parents find a good alternative to jail time quickly and effectively.

Why We Love Professionals

You are doing the work no one else is willing to do! We know that the work you do is a labor of love, faith, and hope for a better world. We’re of the same mindset, and that’s why we do what we do to help families who are struggling to help their teen, who by acting out is literally crying out for help. We strive to help professionals who have teens that have reached beyond the level of care they can provide.

Testimonials & Comments from Families We have Served

  • "[My son] is making GREAT strides in learning how to work, be responsible, be respectful, and have a desire to do the right thing… I wanted to tell you what a positive experience our family has had."

  • "Let me just take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being willing to help... Anyone that understands at all is just such a blessing. Thank you."

  • "The spirit behind the work they do is so right on. I appreciate your services!"

  • "Thanks again for your immediate out reach. I loved the information you provided in the email and have had several organizations reach out to me."

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