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Our Services

The Envoy Group Helps Parents, Grandparents and Guardians Navigate the Residential and Therapeutic Boarding School Industry

Since 2006 we have served over one-hundred thousand families with therapeutic boarding school, residential treatment center, and short-term wilderness therapy suggestions for their struggling teen, and our therapeutic boarding school industry connections are growing every day. We provide our services at no charge to the families we serve, and as such there is no obligation whatsoever for families to heed our suggestions, though we always hope that you can trust our knowledge and experience.

Assessing Your Struggling Teen’s Potential Need for a Residential or Therapeutic Boarding School

While we are not therapists, psychiatrists or doctors, our experience in dealing with families with struggling teens every day allows us to recognize regular patterns of behavior that are consistent with the potential need for a residential or therapeutic boarding school. We can help you determine if the behavior your teen is exhibiting warrants placing your teen in a therapeutic program. We can also help you determine whether your teen needs a basic boarding school with structure and academics, or a more therapeutic setting with master’s-level therapists and higher levels of supervision and security on campus. If your teen doesn’t need a therapeutic or residential boarding school, we have parent training opportunities happening across the country that can help your family better manage your situation at home.

Connecting You With Residential and Therapeutic Boarding School Services That Will Potentially Best Fit Your Needs

We can provide suggestions that will in our opinion best fit the needs of your teen. Our mission is to provide information to parents about therapeutic and residential boarding schools that best fit their needs, and our commitment is to never suggest programs that in our opinion will not be effective* in changing the course of your teen’s life based on the information you provide us about their current behavior or diagnoses from a licensed therapist/psychiatrist.

Connecting You With Seasoned Transport Services That May Help Make the Transition Easier for Your Teen

Not all transport services are created equal, and not all are experienced or equipped to properly handle transportation of your teen to the residential or therapeutic boarding school program you have chosen. We have connections to transportation services we have had experience with in the past who have transported for several of the families we have served. We can connect you with families that have used the transport services we like to suggest so that they can share their experience with you.

Researching Other Boarding School Programs Beyond Our Suggestions That You May Be Looking Into

Our industry connections and regular feedback from parents allow us to find out information about programs quickly and effectively. Our commitment is to help parents with any program, not just the ones we regularly suggest. We can help you determine whether or not the program you are looking into is a good program that will effectively address the needs of your struggling teen.

Helping Families With Adult Children Over 17.5 Years of Age

We often receive requests from parents who have children over the age of 17.5/18. Most therapeutic and residential boarding schools programs will not enroll students who are above the age of 17.5 due to state laws and regulations. While we do have some boarding school programs that do accept teens over 17.5 (though the list is relatively small compared to those that don’t accept adults), we also have connections with adult rehab programs that are very effective* in helping students who want help in overcoming their addictions and destructive lifestyle patterns.

* While we only suggest programs that have had a solid track record of success, we cannot in any way guarantee that the programs we suggest will be 100% effective. There is no obligation whatsoever for the families we work with to heed our suggestions.

Testimonials & Comments from Families We have Served

  • "[My son] is making GREAT strides in learning how to work, be responsible, be respectful, and have a desire to do the right thing… I wanted to tell you what a positive experience our family has had."

  • "Let me just take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being willing to help... Anyone that understands at all is just such a blessing. Thank you."

  • "The spirit behind the work they do is so right on. I appreciate your services!"

  • "Thanks again for your immediate out reach. I loved the information you provided in the email and have had several organizations reach out to me."

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