Tamara Bolthouse, Therapeutic Placement Specialist

What is The Envoy Group?

…a trustworthy envoy brings healing. Proverbs 13:17b

The Envoy Group exists to educate and assist parents, grandparents, and guardians with information about competent, compassionate, ethical programs and services for their struggling teenager that potentially best fit their needs and their budget. We know your struggle, we’ve been there ourselves. We’re committed to helping anyone research and find out more about any program, not just the ones we regularly suggest.

Operating Since 2006 at No Charge to the Families We Have Served

In 2006 there were so many parents who needed guidance, education, and help in finding the right residential or therapeutic boarding school for their teen that met both their needs and their budget, that we made a commitment to devote our full attention to being a part of the solution. Since then, we have helped thousands of families determine the appropriateness of a boarding school setting for their teen, and over one thousand families have placed their child in programs we have suggested. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have found a way to make this happen at NO CHARGE to the families we serve. We believe that our zero-obligation process empowers families and provides them with the space they need to make good, well-informed decisions for their child.

Helping Parents Make the Potential Best Choice for Their Struggling Teen

We recognize that there are many therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, and wilderness therapy programs in the United States, however some excel at helping teens in certain types of situations. For example, while one school may have a great structured environment, it may not necessarily have the addiction component necessary for some teens. On the other hand, a teen who has little to no addictive tendencies would not necessarily be a good fit in an addiction-oriented program. Did you know that most teenagers diagnosed with RAD will most likely need intensive wilderness therapy with experts in the field? Our experience lies in knowing where programs excel and what they can do to address specific issues in the life of a struggling teen.

Let Us Help You With Our Industry Knowledge and Experience

Not only do we hear regularly from industry insiders, but we also receive feedback directly from parents who are searching for or have placed their teen in residential therapeutic boarding schools. Keeping track of school operating quality is one of our highest priorities, in order to ensure that we are suggesting programs that are doing what they were created to do. We regularly connect parents with each other to share their admissions, communication, and residential treatment experience with schools with which they are looking to place their child.

Testimonials & Comments from Families We have Served

  • "[My son] is making GREAT strides in learning how to work, be responsible, be respectful, and have a desire to do the right thing… I wanted to tell you what a positive experience our family has had."

  • "Let me just take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being willing to help... Anyone that understands at all is just such a blessing. Thank you."

  • "The spirit behind the work they do is so right on. I appreciate your services!"

  • "Thanks again for your immediate out reach. I loved the information you provided in the email and have had several organizations reach out to me."

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